Frequently Asked Questions


Is your staff experienced?

Yes!  Deborah Summers is the owner, lead consultant and designer.   As a second generation florist, she has a wealth of experience with over 20 years in the floral industry including positions in retail floral shops, instructing floral design classes and pleasing brides.  She has a passion for flowers and service.  Brides appreciate her easy approach and friendly relaxed style. A Bride's Choice Florist also  has a dedicated team willing to serve.

How much will the flowers cost?

Keep in mind, designs will range widely in price because of all the variables, custom arrangements, and unique client preferences. 

Deciding how much to invest in flowers and décor can be difficult for some couples, but it comes down to one thing: "What are your priorities?' Some couples may devote much more simply because they love flowers or desire a specific look. On the other hand, some brides have ordered a single bouquet. Be assured, whether you are a minimalist or want flowers draping from the ceiling, your quote is based on what you desire. 

Maximizing your investment is our goal regardless of the size of your budget. We accept all size orders; however, a $2,000 minimum is required for full service delivery. If our schedule allows, smaller orders can be picked up from our studio.  

What happens after I get my quote?

After your initial consultation, when your budget and desires are talked over, you will receive a written proposal by email. As a courtesy, we hold your date for five business days to allow time to review the information. A Bride's Choice Florist does not engage in high pressure techniques, and we are available to discuss any changes that will bring the quote in line with your desires. Client reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. To retain our services requires a signed agreement and your 1/3 deposit.  

Can we see live samples?

We have many photos of  our actual work. During your consultation, you may ask about the availability of live samples.  We honor requests for samples with confirmed clients only which requires a separate appointment and additional fees. 

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Cash (In person only)
  • Personal or Cashier Checks
  • Visa, Master Charge & American Express Credit Cards
  • Money Orders
  • Chase Bank Quick Pay (Please contact our office first)
  • Pay Pal